June 2016 archive

Part #2

Well, we will begin slowly. As in my set the basis wasn’t, I cut out him from plywood 3mm. From outside, where the deck will be glued, I have lined places of joints of deck boards. Also from a dense black cardboard thickness 0,5-0,6mm cut a strip for imitation of a caulking iron between boards. …

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Part #1

Hi, everybody! In this blog I begin construction of the French carronada from Mantua firm. Actually I will do two carronada from Mantua – French and English, but I will begin to light construction with French. To start a photo of the set. The set is from the 70th, without the basis and laths. But …

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Welcome to a board!

On this website my works – models of sea guns and carronades are presented. Also here I have laid out drawings and instructions according to which I did these models. I hope to you my website will be pleasant.