July 2016 archive

French Marine Cannon

In the section “Gallery” is added my latest model of the French sea gun from Mantua firm. By the way, the gun carriage is made anew of a pink pear. The deck is made basswood, and for gunwale the black hornbeam was used.

Part #4

I do supports for a basis. In a set there are supports from mahogany which should be sawn on floors. What is successful I and has made. Then I have stuck together in corners. After fitting I have pasted supports to a basis.

Part #3

After gluing of the deck I scraped it. It is much better than to use an emery paper. Both exactly and purely. Further – imitation of fastening of boards. I have turned bars for lugs from the same pear. I have drilled openings and I have inserted lugs. After that I cut off everything and …

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