September 2016 archive

Part #12

Has made broock. The rope for broock has twisted from four threads. The fastening knot with eyes is “bayonet”. For fastening of a carronade to the deck has made hooks. Has fixed everything and has pasted. After that has covered all wooden details with tung oil. It is intermediate looks so.

Part #11

For a chain by means of which open the upper cover of port I inserted a piece of a brass tube. Assigned a chain on a cover of port to that. From the inside of a board I fixed brass details, their blackening. Chains of the lower cover of port, eyes, hooks for a chain …

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Part #10

Production of loops of port. For a start I cut out a strip from brass. By means of a tools I curved loops. Having sealed a bar in one of half of loops I have drilled openings and blackened all. Including also carnations. Behind that I sawed up to the end a cover of port …

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