August 2017 archive

Part #5

I have made wheels of the main bed on the, considering international experience on karronade, and I have blackened everything. Having assembled the main bed I have pasted wheels into place. Also I have pasted a board to the basis.

Part #4

Carronade. I bring together carronade by means of a torch and tin. Necessary I sharpen. After that I have made everything black. I have begun to assemble the bed. At first mobile part. On her I have fixed holders of a karronada, guides and eyes.

Part #3

I made a part of a board. For this purpose I cut and I stuck together a framework. Behind that I pasted over it with nut laths. After that I have made a semicircular cut in a board and I have pasted the lath bent in boiled water. I have fixed levels from two parties …

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