September 2016 archive

Part #9

I began to make port. It will consist of two parts and an opening under a carronada. At first I divided an external packet of laths of port into 2 parts and made a marking. Behind that I made internal “boards” of port. I cut them so that they were aflush with an internal surface …

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Part #8

I finish a carronade. On a photo all is visible. Well and a сarronade assembled as it shall look. After full assembly I have covered everything with tung oil.

Part #7

And so correctly to make an opening in a cover of port the carronade should collect on a gun carriage. Carronade consists of three parts which I successfully soldered together by means of regular solder and acid. Some details to her. By the same method I have soldered the aiming screw. After that I blacked …

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